Who We Are

Find out where we have come from and where we are going.

Where We Started

Pareto was built on a clear opportunity in the market to hire a fresh, young sales workforce that delivered. Since 1996 we have focused on selecting, hiring and training the best salespeople. Narrowing down the field, to become strategic and efficient when recruiting new talent.

A lean and refined way of thinking, not unlike the 80/20 principle also known as Pareto’s law. We find the top 20% of talent, at any level that deliver 80% of the results across the sales industry.

Where We Are Now

Look at how far we have come. We really have changed people’s lives and we are so proud of our heritage and what Jonny and Andy created and what we have achieved to date. But we want you to join us on this journey and help us write the next chapter. We want to continue to support and help people and businesses globally to realise their full potential. 

USA Launch

Back in 2015 Our New York branch opened. BAsed in the heart of the city our team helps businesses and people grow and upskill. 

Our US team cover some of the very best locations including California, New York, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and North Carolina just to name a few. 

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We Assess

We are a top sales recruitment agency with over 27 years of experience in identifying and assessing top talent. Our expertise comes from a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales. Using advanced techniques, we assess candidates based on their competencies, enabling us to match the right person to the right job.

We Place

Our years of experience in the industry have given us a deep understanding of the sales landscape and what employers are looking for. By taking the time to understand candidates and their skills, we can place them in positions where they can excel and thrive.

We Train

We are a top provider of sales training, with a proven track record of delivering engaging and effective programs that produce measurable results. Our expertise covers all levels, from entry-level to executive roles, ensuring that every placement we make is equipped with the skills they need to succeed in sales.

At Pareto, we understand the power of potential.

 Our leading assessment, placement and training methodology centres on growth and transformation across your business divisions from sales to critical projects.

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Ready To Realise Your Potential?

Working at Pareto is more than just a job. It is a culture, a lifestyle a way of life. Whatever role you chose to join us in you can guarantee that you are joining the Pareto family.

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